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Our Services

Professional space planning and CAD design services provided

Space planning is about providing you with the right solution for your office design transformation. Our professional space planners will consider all the important factors of your project – ergonomics, workflow planning, color coordination, product selection, company image and budget. They’ll start by creating a space plan to help you get the most out of your workspace.

Vision Business Products offers professional customized plans to meet the unique needs of your project. Our sales representatives are also trained to measure your office space and then provide you with the perfect solution. We can create an overall floor plan to show your workflow and how to maximize your space.

Large selection of top manufacturers to handle any customer needs

Skilled and experienced project managers to keep projects on time and on budget

We use tools necessary to assist in the planning, scheduling, allocating resources and monitor and control progress of the project. A project manager manages communication with our customers, which is vital to avoid delays and unnecessary misunderstanding. For a project well done, that is, on time and on budget, it is a fulfilling moment for both our company as well as yours. Managers who use these guidelines are most likely to succeed in their projects and deliver projects ahead of time and under-budget.

Experienced and reliable installation services

Vision Business Product’s furniture installation services are ideal for large or small businesses, and commercial outlets looking to have their office furniture, office partitions, panel systems and cubicles professionally installed.

We work closely with all clients to ensure that every assembly & installation job we schedule is executed in a timely and professional manor.

Large In Stock selection for 3 - 4 day delivery times when needed

Contact Customer service via phone or email for detailed information.

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