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Data Center Solutions

Vision Business Products has an objective, non-biased approach to solving increasingly complex data management issues. Our storage professionals, along with strategic relationships with leading storage vendors, provide experience you can rely on to design storage solutions that will ensure 24/7/365 availability, simplify data management, and greatly reduce costs. Vision Business Products has the knowledge and skills to provide a storage infrastructure that will safeguard your data today and in the future. We provide a complete analysis of the backup environment to better understand your established technology investment.

Customized Best-of-Breed Storage Solutions

As provider of storage products from multiple providers, Vision Business Products offers best-of-breed solutions backed by our own team of experienced storage experts. Our storage consultants will assess your present and projected storage needs, infrastructure design, and business objectives to develop a solution that most effectively meets your requirements. We can plan and design a wide range of storage solutions, including:

  • NAS
  • iSCSI & Fiber Channel
  • Storage Consolidation Solutions
  • Information Lifecycle Management Solutions

Back Up & Disaster Recovery

The next time you are in your data center, look around, and imagine for a moment that it is gone. And not just the computers. Imagine that the entire building no longer exists. Next, imagine that your job is to get as much of the work that was being done in the data center going in some fashion, some where, as soon as possible. What would you do? The type of disaster may vary, but the end goal is always the same Every company has important data to back up and protect, but no one has time or money to waste especially these days.

Vision Business Products leverages Best of Breed technology solutions to provide an objective, non-biased approach to solving increasingly complex data management and protection issues. With our strategic relationships with leading back up and disaster recovery vendors, we can design and deliver solutions that will ensure you can meet your RTO (return to operations) objectives and ensure the validity, protection and availability of your data. Vision Business Products has the knowledge, skills and relationships to safeguard your data today and in the future.

Vision Business Products offers piece-of-mind when it comes to selecting how to protect and backup your data. Our experts & partners can provide complete analysis and recommendation to ensure customer satisfaction from concept through completion

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Data Deduplication
  • Disk to Disk Backup Solutions
  • Tape Drives, Libraries, and VTL
  • Online Data Protection
  • Tape Media, Barcode labels, RFID

Data Center Management & Monitoring

Give your IT staff what it needs to effect positive change from any location, at any time of day or night, without regard to hardware type, operating system or network status. Vision Business Products delivers solutions with a multi-dimensional perspective that can ensure effective service delivery and efficient process flow with best practices meeting the DCSM challenge.

  • The power of actually seeing IT
  • Visual Modeling & Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Asset Tracking
  • Environmental Monitoring & Alerting
  • Physical Security & Monitoring
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Integration with heterogeneous environments

How you manage your data center is more important than what you put in your data center. Vision Business Products delivers piece-of-mind solutions to management your ever changing data center. Whether you have one site or 100 sites to manage, our experts & partners can design and develop a complete management and monitoring solution to ensure customer satisfaction piece of mind.

  • KVM over IP
  • Out of Band Management
  • Centralized Management Platform
  • Data Center Video Surveillance
  • Temperature, Humidity, Liquid Sensors and Alerts

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